As an educator, commencing at St Luke’s Catholic College this year, I am grateful for my colleagues, whom I have been privileged to work with daily.

I am grateful for Mr Greg Miller, Principal Leader, and your vision in ‘shaping the new normal in education’. In your commitment for St Luke’s students to demonstrate our 6 Pillars of Learning; for our students to be given greater choice in their learning; and for our students to engage with Adventure Learning, I have developed a far greater appreciation for nurturing our students to be successful contributors within St Luke’s agile learning spaces, centred on real-life learning experiences.

I am grateful for Mrs Julie Atkins, our Director of Mission, and your genuine care of our staff and students. Your ever-present calm manner and just treatment of our students is inspiring. Your self-less time and perseverance to develop and maintain a rapport with the students who rely on your trust and support the most, doesn’t go unnoticed.    

I am grateful for Sister Teresa and Sister Mary, who bring countless blessings to our learning community.

I am grateful for our School of Foundations Learning Coach, Mrs Belinda Geelan, and your extensive work, guidance and support to develop my skill set as Instructional Leader, new to the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP). I treasure this past twelve months in working with you daily, as I have further developed my literacy practices with alignment to St Luke’s Learning Statement and our CEDP Focus 160 practices.

I am grateful for our CEDP Literacy Manager, Ms Kathy Ferrari, and your outstanding coaching in developing my understanding and skills to support my colleagues in implementing CEDP Focus 160 practices. Thank you Kathy for your continued support, encouragement and openly sharing your expertise and wisdom. Your passion for teaching and learning in literacy is contagious.

I am grateful for my School of Foundations colleagues. I have truly valued your commitment to student learning at St Luke’s as well as your commitment to develop and maintain honest and respectful professional relationships. I have enjoyed working alongside and learning from each of you. I am most grateful to you all for assisting me to keep my sense of humour. It has been a rewarding experience and I thank you.

I am grateful for our School of Leadership Learning Coach, Mrs Kelly Bauer, and your admirable curriculum and pedagogical knowledge. I have valued engaging in professional conversations with you and for always giving me a ‘take away’ to reflect upon. I look forward to the next stage of my St Luke’s journey under your guidance.

I am grateful for my School of Leadership colleagues, Mrs Elisa Pettenon and Ms Oriana Miano and your willingness to share ideas. My improved practice in teaching Stage 2 Visual Arts and 3D printing this year is a testament to you both. It is a privilege to work alongside specialist secondary teachers, always happy to share their expertise with our School of Foundations teachers and students.

I am grateful for our St Luke’s support staff. You each fulfil your responsibilities with the utmost professionalism. Our staff and students are so very fortunate to have you at St Luke’s. I appreciate your endless efforts to respond when there is a need and your endearing relationships with our students. I mostly value your smiles and laughter as you go about your work.     

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”.             William Arthur Ward

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